Thursday, August 16, 2012

Epic Sandwich

I rode to work today, partly because it's freaking beautiful out these days, partly because I put in a half day and was able to get out before it got un-beautiful and freaking HOT out, but mostly because I haven't done anything athletic since the Tiger Mtn bike ride Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling like a slug.

Made a stop at Trader Joe's on the way home for some supplies.  I wanted pesto, but the closest I could find was roasted red pepper spread.  And, of course, in my hunger haze I forgot everything that was actually on my grocery list.  But soon the problem was solved and I got home and made this sandwich:


That's right, this entire post was dedicated to a sandwich.  Welcome to 30.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Metal Chickens

If you haven't read Jenny Lawson's metal chicken post, go now.  This is required background reading.

Saturday we were out on the motorcycle.  We went out to the ever popular destination of Carnation to visit Funny Staffhole and the annual Tom Evans Memorial Hand Launch Glider competition.  I only got a little bit emotional and sentimental, and we really had a fun time watching the guys fly these things all over.

Funny Staffhole, in action.

Anyway, the point of the story is that on our meandery route back to Seattle, we rode past an antique store that had sizable metal chickens outside.  So I start knocking on Adam's helmet and pointing at the chickens and yelling "Knock Knock, Mother F--ker!" and "Metal Chickens!"  He was mostly oblivious to what I was talking about and really just wondered why I was pounding on his head.  At the next stop I excitedly (of course) asked if he saw the chickens, and he said, "No.  But I saw that we passed an antique store and figured out what was going on and why you were hitting me in the head when I heard you scream METAL CHICKENS!"  So that's just taken the original metal chicken joke one step further, because now we've been yelling about them all weekend.  And then yesterday I made him walk down 85th St. so I could take a picture of the really giant metal chickens at the Garden Center.

Look out for shivs.

One of these metal chickens will probably have to come to Sodo with us.  We found a loft in the old Rainier Brewery and are moving sometime next month.  ACK!!  Which means I have three-ish weeks to clean out five+ years of crap that's accumulated here in Greenwood and get my place painted and rental ready.  Double ACK!!  Better get my butt off the couch and cleaning up.  But maybe a snack first.  Like ice cream.