Friday, April 27, 2012

Not-so-patiently Waiting

Bridget was induced yesterday afternoon - by 4p, Mama Carla was answering her phone.  Rumor has it all is going well, but Young Master Dylan has yet to come into this world.  Anxiously awaiting his arrival.  And so very happy for Bridget and Ben.  My heart feels like it's swelling with love.

In other news, most of the Europe photos are up on their own page.  Still have to go through the Paris photos, so there will be more!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

There is too much... I sum up.

How do you capture a whole month in a single post?  I'm just not sure I can - certainly not in the detail I want.  All I know is that Bridget has still not had the baby, and we are all very anxious.

Let's go back to where I fell off the map, coincidentally, about the time Adam got back from Midway.  (Side note: we should all give Adam a great big welcome to the blog, since he finally knows about it.  Luckily, he's been charmed by my humor and ridiculous antics and wasn't creeped out by its existance.)  The two weeks between his return and the time we went to France were short, busy, and fairly non-eventful.  There was just so much going on at the time that France was practically not even on my radar, if you can believe it.  I got to the end of the work week - two days before we were leaving and said "oh crap, I guess I should go into vacation mode."  Work has been uber-busy since I took this lead position.  There's a lot of fire-fighting and even more answering of dumb questions.  And then there's chunks of down time in which I feel like I should be doing process improvement stuff, or documentation, or probably something that isn't updating my outdated blog.

We did meet up with Farmer for his surprise party.  I'll admit, I was pretty stoked that Tasha gave me such an important part in the whole plot - that is getting him TO the bar.  He was completely surprised, it was awesome, and then he proposed to Tasha.  Way to one-up it dude.  Anyway, didn't really get a chance to chat, but there are apparently climbing plans in the works, just as soon as he takes the GRE at the end of the month.  (Speaking of... I pulled the trigger on the Penn State Stat masters today.  Classes start May 14!)

The weekend before Europe was a whirlwind of REI, Patagonia, drug stores, and packing.  So much packing.  Gaia went back to George's.  The dryer came down, so the saga could continue with the involvement of an electrician.  Adam, who - of course - was running late to pick me up to go to the airport, calls on his way over Sunday evening and says "Hey, a 747 with a BA tail just came in on final approach!"  To which I responded, "THAT IS OUR AIRPLANE, GET YOUR ASS UP HERE."  We did make it, and the airport was surprisingly empty for the end of a weekend, and we were off for an epic European adventure.  That deserves its own post entirely, which I promise will go up soon - and with pictures.  We had lots of sun over the weekend, and I couldn't bring myself to sit in front of the laptop and get them posted.  The highlights were definitely Barcelona - just about everything about it, spending a whole week with Roger, Sharon, Ben & Peppa Pig, the Eiffel Tower at midnight, French countryside, and generally just being on vacation.  The low lights were when Adam got food poisoning, when I sprained my ankle, and when the French tried to poison me.  Details forthcoming.

So as mentioned, we had glorious, glorious sunshine all weekend.  I think it even hit 70+ on Sunday.  Friday evening we went down to the Brown Turtles for dinner.  Adam got sequestered by the boys for a solid hour, but came out unscathed.  Always a good time.  Saturday, he took off with Evan to climb in Index.  I had a leisurely morning, then went out for a bike ride with Charming Chance.  He was not so charming, and after he kicked my ass, handed it to me on a platter, and had a good chuckle about it, I at least hoped he would buy the first round.  But it was a beautiful day, I was still able to squeeze into my latest kit, and we had a lovely four hours of chatting (or him sprinting up a hill, me catching up, and then chatting).  I did get a big ol' flat tire a few miles from home - and I swear I didn't plan it, but it was a gift from God, since I sure as hell needed a break before trying to climb 8th Ave.  We met for a beer, then a snack, and then I hit the grocery store to get goodies to grill out.  Adam and Evan came over after they got back from climbing, and beers were had by all.  Except Chance, who just went to bed.  Pansy.  Sunday Adam and Evan went all the way to Leavenworth.  I had a lovely row with Lisa, then did a little cleaning, took a solid two hour snuggle nap with Gaia, weeded the garden, cleaned some more, finished laundry and made a big ass pot of soup.  When Adam first said he was going to be gone both weekend days, I was a little miffed, but turns out I really needed two days of vegging by myself and getting all my domestic stuff done around the house.

It is time to go meet Katie for another kettlebell ass kicking.  The dryer saga deserves its own post too, so you'll all have plenty of reading material here soon.  Promise.  (Although, as it was recently pointed out, I'm not so good at following through.  Meh.)