This space was originally created to chronicle the daily happenings of my life while my other half (Adam) was out on Midway Island for three months.  Turns out that I quite like the release that writing brings, even if I don't stick to it on a regular basis.  So there are spurts of writing and spurts of silence.

I'm a test engineer with a large aerospace company based in Seattle.  My coworkers are mostly awesome, but sometimes total jerks.  Adam and I moved in together last year and share a loft in the historic Rainier Brewery (more recently Tully's) building in SoDo.  I used to live to train for the next rowing race, and then for the next bike race, and spent a lot of time having my life dictated by those schedules.  Now I only participate in sports that have an obligatory post-sweat beer -- climbing, mountain biking, skiing... all of which I'm still pretty new at.  I occasionally fluff about in small boats with the old crew if it's nice on Saturday mornings; that movement is in my blood at this point and always (usually) feels great.
Adam brought Gaia, the Wasatch Diamondback into my life.  She is the most lovable mutt ever, and the biggest bed hog I have ever known.  And perfect.

Snuggle Buddies.