Friday, January 11, 2013

There is nothing beginner friendly about skiing.

Five days of skiing in Montana.  One on the skate skis, three down Big Mountain, another on the skate skis. And it's HARD.  Adam said it was fun to watch me go from totally panicked to relatively confident in three days, but I think that just means he saw less panic face.  He definitely bailed out to swap his skis the morning of Day 2 when the mental breakdown hit.

But Whitefish delivered, and everything was awesome.  Daily operation: sleep in, eat lots of meat + eggs + starch breakfast, ski for 5 hours, have post ski beers, make dinner, drink wine, go to bed.  I now understand the appeal of a ski vacation.

For those playing along at home... I'm apparently going to have to find a new method for rotating photos because what I thought worked clearly does not!

Adam being nommed by a Snow Ghost.

That's right - a LONG AND COLD wait.

It's not New Year's Eve if glasses aren't breaking.

Pete trying to buy Gaia's love.

Hi Sile!

Day 3 on the mountain and the sun came out.

Groomer Ninja!

Day 3 on Big Mountain - views of Glacier National Park.

Me, Zana, Snow Ghosts

Being inappropriate in front of Jesus.

Our mess taking over Zana's apartment.

Pete in Zana's jacket.  I will say no more.

Sun beams over Double Black Diamonds.

Bag of Skittles on Chair Two.