Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 Goals

Well, there went 2014.  A year of changes for sure.  I've been thinking about high level goals for 2015, not resolutions per se, but some stuff I want to get done.

Still a work in progress...

1. Reduce debt and increase cash on hand.  Create a budget and stick to it.  Use historical data to accomplish this.

2. Adjust the alcohol to water intake ratio.  More water, less booze.  This should help me feel better overall, including improving sleep quality.

3. Really move back into the condo.  Create a room by room plan and time frame to get it done (a project plan, one might say).

4. Create at least one large quilt top a t-shirt quilt top; find a long arm machine to quilt it together.  Clean out and organize the sewing tubs.

So two lifestyle changes, one big ass project and a side project to fill in the gaps.  Between that, the management gig and the coaching gig this spring, I should have enough to keep me out of trouble.

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